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Here’s What You’d Look Like With A Week’s Worth Of Your Trash

Newspapers. Soda cans. Pizza boxes. Everyone’s trash looks different but what these artful portraits show is that we all have something in common: We produce a lot of it.

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This is why I repurpose all that I can.


A better use of those pesky Coca Cola bottles! Strip all their branding off, cut them in half and fill them with dirty, water and a plant. Shouldn’t repurposing aim to create less waste while providing more potential for growth?

Get the DIY Guides here:

Help him/her build something cool for Father’s Day! Build a chair, then sit. Better yet, get them to build a big Pallet Adirondack Chair and a Mini Pallet Adirondack Chair for the kiddo, then have them sit together! 

While sitting on their newly created chairs, the father and kiddo can:

  • Talk about monsters
  • Go over shoe tying lessons
  • Throw rocks at a tree
  • Mimic each other until one or both are cry-laughing

(Disclaimer: The guides help you source the pallets, take them apart and build the chairs. They do not magically build them for you so please allow some time to build WITH the kiddo. The kid will enjoy the process and will think you are the coolest, strongest, coolest, most cool father on the planet. Also, build at your own risk…retain all digits and keep the red stuff inside you.)

Coca Cola, already listed as 43 on the 100 most sustainable corporations in the world recently came out with a series of bottle cap enhancements that breath life new life into their infamous plastic bottles. Yes, they’ve figured out a second life for their bottles BUT they’ve also introduced new plastic injection molded parts. Hmmm, thoughts?

Pedal power!

As a part time bike commuter, I can really appreciate the alternative use of gears, wheels and thighs-o-fire. The bike blender is not new, but in this context, not a novelty but a practical and useful part of life. I will find more on bike powered things over the next week and share them here!

Side note, look at this photo carefully, I count at least four bikes here. Impressive!

Upcycled / repurposed designs for the developing countries are crucial. For example, this repurposed water barrel along with some smart engineering was turned into a foot pedal powered washing  and spin drying machine. Cut down the amount of time washing clothes, increase the amount of time doing other potentially prosperous endeavors.

Bicycle + Water out of reach + Inventiveness = Bicycle Water Pump! What else can you make a bicycle into?

Now that’s a bag! Check out the tire tread used for the bottom and sides of the bag Made by the team over at Siklo Pilipinas, this Philippine based design shop uses tires and leather to make their utility bags. 

I will reach out to them and see how we can get some of these goods stateside through RG. If you are interested, let me know!

Cloak and Dapper has some pretty cool stuff, this included! When opening a beer, let’s not reach for the end of the wine opener or a chinzy aluminum thing you swiped during the last conference. Pull out this monster, open your beer, open everyone’s beer, then make “choo choo” noises. Manly.

Musical instruments made from landfill waste = LandfillHarmonic.

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