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Musical instruments made from landfill waste = LandfillHarmonic.

Look who made some Pallet Adirondack Chairs and brightened up a city block in Middleborough, KY!!

Valentines Day is around the corner so get ready! I usually get all crafty and make the wifey and kiddo something and this project seems to have some potential and merit. 

You know that tattered deck of cards sitting in the junk drawer or under your bed, get it out and do something with them! There are tutorials all over the place but the idea seemed to originated with Lowri McNabb from PaperVine

Original Concept and tutorials:
52 Reasons I Love You

The above featured design was made by:
Visual Heart


Met Greg and Jeremy from Looptworks during one of their pop-up shops in Portland, Oregon. Beer was had, the repurposing / upcycling culture was talked about and plenty of great products were checked out and bought. They were selling everything from t-shirts and sweatshirts to tablet cases and phone cases. Check out their website to see more about their mission and how they take it upon themselves to utilize discarded manufacturing material for new consumer products. Right down RG’s alley.

I am still here!! (So is RG!)

It has been too long, sorry friends! Between 3 house moves (me and the family moved, not the house!), a handful of of crazy deadlines and living life with an amazing wifey and 2 year old daughter….I have been side tracked.

I will update soon about my adventures in Portland, Las Vegas and my new resourceful friends in Atlanta.



Always a fan of Alchemy Goods and I thought I would bring this zipper pull concept back to life. If you ride a bike, you undoubtable go through inner tubes. Don’t toss that inner tube, use it for something.

The simplest repurposed DIY of a bike inner tube is demonstrated here by Alchemy Goods:

  1. Find an inner tube (go by local bike shop!)
  2. Remove the stem (scissors, blade, karate chops)
  3. Pry out the release valve (needle nose pliers)
  4. Insert a paracord loop (knotted so it doesn’t pull through)
  5. Install your new zipper pull on your messenger bag, hoodie or pair of daisy duke Levi’s

Too lazy, no tube or just don’t want to get your hands dirty? Head over to Alchemy Goods for the purchase. (No, they are not paying me for this.)

Should we produce a simple DIY for this?

Fill that unused corner of the deck, patio, backyard with an herb pallet farm. First, find a good clean pallet (preferably one that is NOT chemically treated, look for MB stamped on the side OR signs of chemical residue). When a good pallet is found use the ties on the front to start creating boxes in the back, fill with dirt, seeds, water and cultivate your little farm as it grows. 

Should RG create a simple DIY guide for this project?

I like bikes, old wood used to create boxes / baskets and learning while eating tasting things THUS I am definitely in LIKE with this project. Long story short, Homespun Bikes of Oakland and Calicopie created “The U.S Compostal Service”. The project showcased and explained the phases of composting from the front of the bike to the rear. The front rack included edible treats, frittatas made with fresh wild nettle and kale served in eggshells, the bi-product of frittata making. Consumers of the handlebar treats were encouraged to drop off their waste in the paniers, composting bins full of worms and goodness. In the rear, using an old kiddie carrier is the kale garden that uses the compost produced from the eggs and other matter. Full cycle, brilliant!

Learning, eating and riding bikes is awesome!

Oh, the repurposed part of this whole plan, the paniers use of recycled wood, and the repurposing of the kiddie carrier into a rolling raised garden.

I bet you’ve never seen a hubcap laying on the side of the road. Well if you ever come across on, pick it up, paint it with some hot colors and put it in your backyard. This exactly what they did over at Roadkill Rescue. Actually, paint it anyway you’d like, the owner is most likely not coming back for it…as they have no idea it is gone yet. With that in mind, take it ONLY after it has been sitting there for a day or so, ensure they don’t care for it anymore.

What else could be done with a hubcap?

Are your colored pencils getting to short OR no toddler / school / art student near by to donate to? Don’t throw them away, saw them down to to nubbins and make a gorgeous trivet. Check out the other images of this colorful trivet over at MeriMery.

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